Reflective Memories in a Concealed Narrative – Series 4

Reflective Memories in a Concealed Narrative – Series 4


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Mixed Media on Canvas using Acrylic, Oil, Crayons, Spray Paint

Dimensions152.5 × 183 × 5 cm

About the Artist

Intermedia Artist

Lala Pavilando’s inter-media work lends itself to diverse sensorial and phenomenological meditations on memory, experience, and materiality. Encompassing installation, painting, assemblage, and video, she reconstructs the vestiges of the formative and traumatic that most often preside over the life-long processes of transformation and healing. She employs artifacts of the everyday, childhood souvenirs, anatomical casts, temporal imprints—found forms and objects that charge her work with the delicate tactility of nostalgia and ephemera—sourced either from her history or from the sites and communities she finds herself in concert with. Since 2016, she has been teaching visual art to music students and community scholars as a resident artist of the Casa San Miguel Center for the Arts in San Antonio. Her most recent preoccupations unravel the somatic and psychological symptoms of trauma and abuse in the female body.